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Average A/C Repair Cost

Many times we are asked “how much will it cost to fix my AC” as a result we built this page to help everyone with their budget for repairs. Nobody wants to pay more than they have to so they can be comfortable. We hope this helps you have a better understanding of cost for parts and labor for ac repairs.

List of Average Air Conditioning Repair Cost

Average A/C Repair Cost may vary due to the repair needed and the type of HVAC system you need to have fixed. It is very important to ask for an estimate by a licensed contractor before authorizing any work to be performed. If you are not sure it is the right decision to repair your A/C and Heating unit or have it replaced, you may want to compare the cost for both and how much longer your system may last without having to pay too much in the future to keep it running. For information on energy efficiency and correct unit size for your home, see the Guide to Home Heating and Cooling at

$225 – $1600
*Type, amount, etc varies

$320 – $1200

*varies by type amount

$120 – $950

*Depends on availability in most cases

$125 – $470

$200 – $650

*may include refrigerant

$1350 – $2300

*Size and type varies

$1900 – $2900

*not evap coil

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